Porcini Mushroom & Black Garlic Sauce is a winner.

It’s not the first time that Black Garlic has featured on the menu at the popular Steak Restaurant, Miller & Carter but nevertheless we are thrilled that the current menu features a very tasty ‘Porcini Mushroom & Black Garlic Sauce to go with your steak.

Here at Balsajo we have always been a great fan of combining Black Garlic with steak either as a marinade or a butter but this sauce is one that many are already looking to recreate for themselves.

If you don’t believe us then check out this fantastic review of Miller & Carter from OliviaZao who states;

“The porcini mushroom sauce is also probably the best steak sauce I have had and the black garlic was also not to overwhelming. I definitely will have a go at recreating this sauce at home.”

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