Let’s Celebrate Salad Week with Black Garlic

With National Salad Week being celebrated here in the UK from the 25th July we will be bringing you a real variety of salads that we have found that include Black Garlic, join us on our Social Media Channels to see what amazing salads you can recreate.

Firstly we wanted to share a delicious take on salad from Nigel Slater, this recipe was published earlier this year in The Guardian and having tried it ourselves the flavour just pops. No need to keep this stored away for Winter, let’s bring this recipe back and enjoy throughout the summer. You could even cook the Chicken thighs outdoors on the BBQ.

Chicken, Black Garlic and Citrus Salad.

Serves 4

Chicken thighs 1kg (about 6)
Olive oil 2 tbsp
Black garlic 4 cloves
Sesame seeds 4 tbsp
Lambs lettuce 25g
Watercress 50g
Mustard and cress or other micro-salad leaves
Grapefruit 1
Orange 1, large
Clementine 1

Set the oven at 200C/gas mark 6. Put the chicken thighs into a roasting tin, pour in the olive oil, season generously with salt and black pepper and toss gently to coat the chicken. Bake for 30 minutes until the skin of the chicken is deep gold and crisp.

Remove the black cloves of garlic from their papery skins, then crush the flesh into a smooth, sticky paste with the back of a knife.

Toast the sesame seeds in a dry pan until golden then remove from the heat. Wash the lamb’s lettuce and watercress and dry well. If the watercress stems are long, chop them into short pieces. Peel the grapefruit with a knife then slice thickly. If the grapefruit is large, cut the slices in half. Do the same with the orange, reserving as much juice as you can.

Remove the chicken from the pan then pull the meat from the bones in large, juicy pieces, place in a large bowl and set aside. Pour away all but a couple of tablespoons of the oil in the roasting tin, then place the tin over a moderate heat, and stir in the mashed black garlic, the juice of the clementine and any reserved citrus juice. Stir thoroughly to combine, then pour the dressing over the chicken and toss gently to evenly coat the meat.

Add the prepared grapefruit and orange, the watercress, cress and lamb’s lettuce and toss gently to combine. Scatter with the toasted sesame and serve.


Recipe from The Guardian, photograph Jonathan Lovekin for the Observer